First Solo Flight for Charlie Simpson

Congratulations to Charlie Simpson on completing his first solo flight in the flexwing here at Redlands Airfield near Swindon.

Rainy Days at a Microlight School

This is Papa Bravo, our trusty Quantum 912 flexwing microlight, getting a little bit of love and attention from her original builders, P&M Aviation in Marlborough. As much as we hate rainy days they do let us get some of the more boring technical jobs done – in this case propeller balancing. We’d rather be flying though!

Craig Thompson flies his first solo!

Student pilot Craig Thompson flies his first solo in the C42 at Redlands

Congratulations to Craig Thompson for flying his first solo in the C42 today, well done sir!

Dreaming of Flying

Dreaming of Flying

Many people dream of learning to fly. There’s something in people that makes them want to escape the earth and soar above it like a bird. Or maybe a Spitfire pilot. Or possibly Superman.

Then real life takes hold and we get on with work, families, mortgages and decorating. Learning to fly gets shelved along with being James Bond, scoring the winning goal in the World Cup and all those other pipe dreams.

One of the joys of working at a flying school is that I regularly see people nervously take their first steps as student pilots and gradually grow in confidence as they become competent, qualified pilots. They realise that dream of flight and they do it in real aircraft that can fly in and out of tiny farm airstrips and land on large, tarmac runways with equal aplomb.

The first thing to do is come and have a flight with us. Your instructor will let you take control and fly the aircraft for a bit and you’ll be hooked. That first flight can go in your logbook and will count towards your qualification as a fully fledged pilot.