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Cloudbase Airsports Gets New Flying Van

Ok, if we’re strictly honest it’s not actually a flying van. Sorry. It is however our super slick van with a some sexy new art work so keep an eye out for it on the road. It’s most often to be spied hard at work picking up paraglider pilots (yes, we do that too),  when they […]

Learning to Fly in Winter

Learning to fly microlights in the UK is often the ultimate exercise in patience. As we all know the weather can best be described as… um… variable. I’m not a meteorologist or even a pilot but I do get to see all sorts of people pass through our flying school and there are some patterns […]

Dreaming of Flying

Many people dream of learning to fly. There’s something in people that makes them want to escape the earth and soar above it like a bird. Or maybe a Spitfire pilot. Or possibly Superman. Then real life takes hold and we get on with work, families, mortgages and decorating. Learning to fly gets shelved along […]